Disadvantages of Cupping Therapy or Al-Hijama!

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Cupping is one of the leading alternative therapies that originated in the ancient civilization of China. This procedure involves the use of cups and creating a suction technique to facilitate blood flow. As pre this traditional Chinese therapy, the ‘qi’ flow of the body is maintained by using the specific techniques and positions of the cups on the body of a person.

What is ‘Qi’?

The ‘qi’ or the Chinese word for ‘life force’ is believed to flow from various points in the body. When an individual is suffering from any kind of illness, the life force or ‘qi’ flow is obstructed. On using the specific methods of cupping, the flow of energy and life force is restored. The proper restoration of ‘qi’ enables a person to heal quicker and regain his or her health.

On the other hand, Cupping Therapy or Al Hijama is all used to promote cell repair. For an instance, the suction technique enables proper blood flow in the disturbed region of the boy. The cellular components get ample nutrition and oxygen to hasten the healing process. The tissues can heal the damaged part by removing the dead cells easily. Despite the popularity of the old tradition, this alternative therapy also has some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Cupping Therapy


The therapy involves using dry and wet cups. The suction is created by using a heat source to create a vacuum inside. Once the cups are set on the skin, the pressure inside drops and the atmospheric pressure tends to hold the cups on the skin tightly. This can be a little discomforting for the patients. Only the professionals can adjust the degree of suction so that the level of discomfort decreases. On prolonged use of this therapy, the skin might get inflamed or scarred.


Many individuals have sensitive skin. It must be the responsibility of the professional Cupping specialist to judge the heat of the air inside and the suction power of the cups. Excessive suction can cause bruising on the skin. On prolonged exposure to the therapy, a person can easily developed scars, bruises and even redness. The skin will swell and cause irritation if not done properly. In severe cases, a person can suffer from hematoma.


On excessive heating, the cups can also cause mild burns on your skin. Due to the entrapped heated air inside the cups, your skin might get burned. The professional cupping therapist will adjust the heat of the cups as per your sensitivity. The problem is that on improper heating, the application of the alternative medicine might not work.

Skin infection

If the cups used are not properly sterilized then the contamination might cause several types of skin infection. The cups need to be properly cleaned and sterilized before they are sued on another person. Very few reports suggest the development of skin infection, absolutely alien from the contemporary causes.


If you want to avail the benefits of Al Hijama or Cupping Therapy, the only way to eradicate the side effects or disadvantages is to seek an experienced and certified therapist.

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