Why paralysis occurs in the body and how to avoid it

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Paralysis is one of the most dangerous diseases because if it happens to a person, then that person becomes helpless and his body is of no use and this disease is likely to occur most of the people above 50 years. .

Paralysis disease occurs when the blood gets accumulated in a limited area in the mind of the person and that part of the brain stops working, due to which some organs of the body do not work and fall loose.


What is the cause of paralysis

1) High blood pressure –

Most people who are over 50 years of age have high blood pressure and if you have high blood pressure problem then this increases more pressure on heart and brain. Because of which it damages parts of the brain.

And sometimes if the person’s fate is bad, due to high blood pressure, blood clots in some parts of the brain accumulate due to which some part of the brain stops working and due to which the body becomes loose and stop working.

2) Worry –

If a person lives in a lot of stress and is always depressed, then its negative effect falls on their brain and whole body, and in most cases it is seen that people living in tension and stress have more paralysis problem.

Because when a person is in a tension, a cortisol named hormone is produced in the brain which spoils some part of the brain and due to which the person’s body becomes loose and stops working.

Do this if paralysis occurs

The first solution –

first of all you should heat 100ml of sesame oil( til ka tel) and give this oil to the patient to drink and after 10 minutes give him to chew 5 to 6 garlic buds so that the effect of paralysis on the patient’s body can decrease. It seems to happen because both of these things are hot which helps in resuming blood flow and the patient’s life can saved.

The second solution –

In the second measure, you have to chop the garlic in a small pieces and dip it in honey and after dipping it in the honey for 5 to 10 minutes, feed it to the patient. The effect of paralysis on the patient’s body starts decreasing after some time after eating this and his life can be saved.

Friends, if you adopt these two remedies on time and use it, you can save the life of that patient and if you do not want to suffer from paralysis then keep your blood pressure in control and be calm and happy and avoid stressed life.

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